Day: October 5, 2019


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Something calm is also chaos.
She’s oblivious to the world. 
Something sweet is also sour. 
She wishes to rule with her iron fist. 
And something intelligent is also dumb.

A world where everything is a grey area.
Everything is a pang of panic; a surge of wonder. 
‘Yes? No?’ rings though the rapid pound of the drums. 
But, in the end, it’s a swelling urge of solitude. 

She’s an aria of wit and opinion without consequence. 
Her ballad races the Tour de France without break.
She sways to the symphony of violins, lifting her into the clouds
until the orchestra breaks to the swelling of a 
heaving bass, rising and falling
And she wakes up.

But now,
And now, 
Who am I?


What is this feeling? 
My heart is reeling.
It's fast as a drum;
I'm hearing it come.
But, what's done is done.

I'm caught by surprise.
I'm left to capsize.
I can't help thinking
That I went astray.
What happens next?

'Cause I'm so confused.
Yeah, I'm so confused.
And I can't elude
From what just happened.
Even though I'm bruised,
You just cornered me;
Wouldn't be refused
'Cause I'm so confused.

Need time for healing.
My heart you're stealing,
Beating like a drum,
Ready to be done;
So now, here I come.

[Repeat 2nd and 3rd stanza]

What does this mean to you?
Am I just somebody
You'll treat like a tattoo?
We could be something new;
We could be something true.
Sadly, I don't want to ...

I'll wear you like a tattoo.
I'll wash you out with shampoo.
And there's nothing you can do.
'Cause what happened was nothing;
I'll break it off like bamboo.

You tricked me with voodoo:
Thought this was something new;
Thought this was something true.
But this ain't a breakthrough.
I'll bid this damn fling adieu
Because I always knew,
There can't be me and you.
And I ain't confused.

Yeah, I'm not confused.
Yeah, I ain't confused.
Now, I can elude
From what just happened.
So, don't think I'm bruised
You can't corner me
'Cause I will refuse.
'Cause I'm not confused.
Yeah, I'm not confused.

What is this feeling?
My heart is reeling.
It's fast as a drum;
I'm hearing come.
But, what's done is done.
And I'm not confused.

Character Worksheet

This is not necessary, but this can help you if you’re someone who is a planner.

Biological Facts

Full Name:

Reason for Name:

Birthday: (Day, Month, Year)

Reason for choosing this date:




Siblings (if any):

Significant other(s) (if any):

Children (if any):

IDENTITY-Focus Facts




Hair: (Color, Length Type, Texture)

Eyes: (Shape, Color)

Face: (Shape, Appearance)

Body: (Type, Appearance)

Clothes: (Type, Details)

Personality-Based Facts:

Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:



Introvert or Extrovert:

Moral Alignment:

Personality Type from 16Personalities:

For appearance details, I suggest mapping out ways you can describe them.