Day: October 20, 2019

How to find inspiration

When it comes to writing, the perfect idea for a story can from a multitude of experiences. The key is to make sure that this it fits your personality when you find it and that you have a passion for it.

Ways to find inspiration

  • Personal experiences
  • Dreams
  • “What if” scenarios
  • A not-so generally talked about topic that you want to bring awareness about.
  • An emotion.
  • A song.
  • A cinematic/literary work*


When being inspired by a cinematic or literary work, it is important to use in the correct type of way.

It is crucial that you ensure that the cinematic/literary work that inspires you to write is used in a way that does not violate copyright laws.

Do not copy the actual idea of the work. Make it your own. Let the work be a source, not a template.

How to Stay Inspired

  • Make playlists that keep you in the mood
  • Plan the book before writing (if you are a planner)
  • Be sure to keep motivated.

Sorry to my unknown lover,
Sorry that I can’t believe
That anybody ever really
Starts to fall in love with me.

Halsey, Sorry
In the shadows of a cafe, 
She sits alone.
Her only company
Is the coffee
But even it is afraid to speak.

Engaged in her own shadows,
She fades from the world around her.
She forget who she is;
Then, everyone forgets her.
She and the world are ghosts to one another.

She drowns in her own faults
Her mistakes,
For she forgot,
And she never told herself
That she was beautiful.
But now,
She will never forget
That she is beautiful
In every way.