Halloween Special: The Haunted House – Part II

My eyes flickered open with a thirst for blood. It burned in my throat like something that couldn’t be satiated.

“Welcome,” said a British voice, growing louder and louder. “Welcome to my great ploy to turn you all into vampires.” Soon, I could feel a cold, icy breath against my neck.” You’re the first.”

“What’s your name?” I seized the vampire’s wrist, though he pulled back. Contrary to what the Internet said about vampires, he was pretty intense. I turned around to see glowing crimson eyes sifting through my soul for any sign of weakness.

“Reese.” What a strange name for a vampire. Even stranger: he yanked me to his frame and breathed into my face, “Don’t ever try to beat me again.” Without a second thought, he leaned into my lips, no permission. His fangs dragged my lower lips between his mouth.

It wasn’t a pleasant kiss. After all, I was seized, and I didn’t know how to respond. It felt like I didn’t have a choice but to sip Reese’s lips, which tasted like blood.

Betimes his tongue tried to slip into my maw, I pushed Reese away, saying, “Leave me alone,” as I raced for the door. Unfortunately, another vampire blocked the door.

“Leaving so soon?” asked the female vampire in a French accent, lifting the side of her lip into a curled smirk. She wore her hair in ginger spikes and hovered in front of me in a heavy black dress. Like Reese, she had glowing crimson eyes. “I’m Chloe.”


Before I could plan my attack, my friends barged open with wooden stakes, demanding my whereabouts.

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