Author: shakespearian12

I'm a writer.
Sometimes ... 
You get lost

Sometimes ...
You pay the cost

Sometimes ...
Stars will lose their glow,
For there is nothing left to show,
But if we give them reason to shine,
Maybe everything will turn out fine.

Sometimes ...
We must crave the dark
So that we find ourselves
And return to the light.

Sometimes ...
Life is a series of complex stitches
In blanket of patchwork
Each there for a reason.

There is a purpose, I suppose,
For this life:
If I,
Like everyone else,
Have my own agenda;
If I,
Like everyone else,
Turn a blind eye
To those in need of help,
Who am I?
I'm too human ...
Like everyone else.
The low hum of a minor key
Sings in my brain
Dark in color,
But more free than me.

Confined to the chains of tears and mirrors,
Warped into a mirage that hungers for solitude.
Wallowing in the pit of tangled fears,
Convinced of an endless interlude.

Alack, the tears are stained to rust,
and a soul of emancipation pounds in its numb cage.
Alack, the minor key is lust,
And the chime of the clock says it's time to pay.

For the melody of the drums must go on,
So now, here I am,
And I sing this song.