Types of dialogue incorporation

In my writing, I’ve found that there are many different ways to present dialogue. And sometimes, there’s a debate between whether it’s right or wrong.

Integrating with a tag

Now, this is where it all depends on how you are as a writer. Some people think that using intricate dialogue tags are the best way to format dialogue. Others say that said should be used more. Others say that it’s a mixture.

The beat

A beat after/before a piece of dialogue is not using a tag. Rather, the actions are flowed into the dialogue. It’s important to integrate a mixture of dialogue tags and beats in your dialogue format.

Other formats

  • The colon
    • Rarely used, I’ve seen this used briefly in Twilight (don’t hate me)
  • The em-dash
    • I’ve used this myself to place the quote in between an action.

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