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Category: Poetry

the ballerina

A melody pirouettes in the darkness of my brain; a haze of color, ignites me, fight me, until I am tamed.Toes pointed.Body fluent in untold grace. Stomach tucked in. Legs […]


Tangled in the shadows of my dreams, trapping me in a web of wires, tapping into the pulse you require, there you are. No words that replace time—it was the […]


Through the shadows of the hallways, She walks, surrounded by whispers:"Glitch," is the her name, they say,but her heat, her soul, never turns crisper. Wires strung under her skin like […]


A heart of gold. Too young,A soul is soldFor sun. A heart of gold. No sun,You see as oldAs fun. A heart of gold,BeautyAs time is toldRudely. A heart of […]


Come December, One year since you spoke, I won't rememberHow I first broke. Come December, When everything changed, I first rememberHow free my soul remained. Come December, Ready to move […]

Last Summer

The world seemed to slow downlike the endless crimson sunsetwe seemed to admire.Your name—Slow. Easy. Soft as a feather. My name—Fast. Hard. Sharp on he face. Yet, the details fade; […]


Drown them out;The tender ballads,The operatic arias, Crescendo againstMy brain.Drown them out; The sounds of the world, They've become too loud: Even the whispersGraze my nerves. Drown them out;The synthetic […]


Once upon a time,a dark fairychose a heart of gold. Once upon a time, the prince's heartShe earned,Rising from the cutsAnd burns. Once upon a time, she loved himFor his […]


Red as a ruby apple. Black dazzling with crystals. Cast off like misfit; Magic was my strength, So I used itLike a puppet. Red as the magicIn my veins. Crystal […]