• fool
    So, maybe I’m a Queen of Hearts, destroying love with heavy darts. But who are you, o Fool that clings? Everything you do, it just stings. Or maybe you’re the […]
  • Again
    There’s a tide in your eyes, and several hundred reasons why I should simply say goodbye as I look into the tide in your eyes. But there’s in the tide […]
  • Shadow
    Light fades through the room, drones out the sound, uncertainty looms to the past to which we’re bound. I can’t feel your heart, but I know that it’s slow, unable […]
  • Bad News
    Don’t bother to get too close. I won’t be your ideal host. I’m the fire, the burn, the ember, the spark, the flame, the smoke that’s making you nervous. You […]
  • Demons
    Demons dancing inside my mind. Skulls are prancebefore my eyes. All that I knowit blows inside. Every last foeswaits for my cry. Why, oh, just whydo you haunt me?Why, oh, […]