To love or hate, that is the question we all must decide. But above: how to survive.



This is inspired by Hamilton, and the actual fate of Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia Burr Alston when she mysteriously never makes it New York after boarding a ship in 1812. I personally believe that it’s entirely possible she could’ve been abducted by pirates.

However, where it strays from fact is that in this novel Theodosia is going to New York for different reasons.

Also, there’s a bit of misinformation in the beginning as well: Burr does not go to France, I think.

Scene Preview: PART 1

Some days have passed since Irene has been made captain. JONES is stacking barrels on deck, absentmindedly. BAEDEKER enters, sneaking near to JONES. JONES looks up to see him, and awkwardly tries to avoid him. 

          Oh. Hello, capt — I mean, hello, b-Baedeker.

          Good day, Jones. Fine time for, ah, counting 
          barrels, eh Pomegranate?
          Oh, aye. I-It's a real a-ablactation ablepsia. 

          Is it now? I suppose I'd agree with ye on that. 
          Mm. Aye. Ah, Capt— I mean, Baedeker, Captain 
          Irene said that talkin' to ye would, ah, be a
          p-problem. I could get in a real moonmast mable, 


         (leaning in slowly) Oh, aye, did she say that, 

         (leaning back as BAEDEKER leans in) A-aye, sir. 
         She said she'd cast a macaroon mandolin on me, 

         (leaning back out) Oh, a macaroon mandolin, eh?
         How awful. (he fake-pouts)

         A-aye, sir. 

        Well, ye know what I think, Jones? (leans in 
        even closer)
       (frightened) No, sir. I don't, s-sir.
       (whispers) I don't think that's a very sound 
       (gasps, and backs away) S-Sir! The macaroon
       mandolin, sir!

       Oh, I know about the mandolin, Jones. I know
       all about the mandolin. In fact, want to know
       another thing, Jones?

       Not particularly, sir, but I feel like you're going
       to tell me anyway!
       I don't even think she's fit to be captain of this
       ship and this crew!
       I doubt she's even a witch!

       Sir, I don't think—

       She's false, Jones. She's a liar. She's played us
       all for fools, Jones!

       Oh, yes, Jones. It's all part of her convoluted, 
       childish plan! She's a coward, and a liar, Jones. 
       And a thief!
       A thief, sir?

Letters from an Angel

Official Trailer of Letters from an Angel

Amity Gothel Moon

Originally, Beatrice Moon, then Amity Moon, now Amity Gothel Moon. She’s someone I’ve put together with my favorite couple from my favorite show on Disney Channel with my favorite Disney Villain.

Originally, she’s totally good, her only flaw being she’s not willing to give up her love for Xzavier despite its forbiddenness. Now, she’s a dark witch who will go to extreme measures to do what she feels is right.

This is a aesthetic for her.

Amity Gothel Moon

Middle Name: Jane

Age: 18

Birthday: August 4th.

Birthplace: Miami

Residence: Enchancia

Place of Youth: Fiery Haven, Jethiolia.

Species: Mortal Witch

– Ally Dawson Moon (Biological)
– Mother Gothel (Adoptive)

Father: Austin Moon

Hair Color: Vibrant red

Eye color: Grey

Height: 5’2″

Occupation: N/A

Sexuality: Straight

Style: Artistic Grunge

Colors: Dark red, brown, and black.

Significant Other: Xzavier Faye

Leona Moore

Actress in mind: Katherine McNamara or Willow Shields

Trinket: Locket

Other Family:
Aria Dawson Moon (Sister)

  • August 4th, 2022

    Amity Jane Moon is born. Due to the lack of concentration by the nurses, the baby fell through a sporadic abyss into a place called Jethiola on an isle called the Fiery Haven.

    There Mother Gothel finds her and takes Amity in as her own.

  • 2035

    Amity starts her journey as a thief.

  • August 4th, 2040

    Amity crashes a ball and is caught by authorities. She’s sent off to Enchancia. The events of Disney Rebels begin.


Amity is someone who is emotionally-bound. She’s very sensitive, even when she’s tough. Her thieving life roots from the belief that it will please Mother Gothel. She’s also very loyal.

Double, double, toil and trouble

Other Facts

  • In the first spark of this idea, Amity wasn’t the daughter of Austin & Ally. She was rather the daughter of Olivia and Wen from Lemonade Mouth. Then, she was the daughter of Merida.
  • The original plot revolved around the forbidden love between her and Xzavier.
  • She’s inspired by Mal.

Disney Rebels

This is my longest project. I’ve been on it for years.

Disney Rebels is my passion project, so I’m honored to share it with you.


  • Disney Rebels is inspired by Descendants, but it is not a ripoff.
  • The idea is putting everything Disney in one universe. What happens? Chaos.
  • The love interest of my story was originally casted as Harry Styles. However, I do not see him playing him now. Not because of After, but he doesn’t seem to fit the description.
  • After Descendants 3 aired, I decided to lessen the ties to the Descendants universe and created a similar universe for one category of characters.