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Chapter 1: Part 3

With no conversation lingering between us, she pries her eyes away from me and shuffles over to the marble desk. She slides into the swivel chair with astonishing grace as one of those mythical ballerinas one of my partners mentioned. Her pale hands spread across the marble tabletop, and a spell is curt against her lips: Veiled from plain sight, bring…

I’m bad news

Disney Rebels

Hold onto me. Hold onto me, even in death

Disney Rebels

Chapter 1: Part 1

Maybe I should’ve taken some time to admire the world around me. Maybe I would’ve fallen for the facade: there were large poplar trees with an array of blue leaves, and the grass, which went on for miles even in the fog, was white. White as snow. The sky was pale. And light gray clouds whizzed over me.  Of course,…

I never belonged in the Fiery Haven. I don’t belong in Enchancia. I’ll never belong in Miami.

Disney Rebels