Tag: feel

Everything is strange; 
Everything I feel is strange outragement.
To reject the norms of even secularness,
To analyze life rather than live it;
To have a brain of facts
That override the memories
And emotions.

Everything I feel is numb.
I try to explore mirth;
Sometimes I fail.
Sometimes I want to cry
But no tears fall.
Sometimes there's pain,
but it goes away.
Sometimes I'm on top of the world;
then, I'm in the pit of lonely darkness.

Do I feel?
Do I feel emotions?
Do I feel like a human?
Do I feel like anything?

Calm down;
You're doing fine.
Go with life;
Don't worry about strife.
Difference should be the norm;
But it isn't,
So find the pride in yourself
To live.

That's how I feel.