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Tag: poem for the soul


The nightBasks over my skin,Bright and pulsing, The nectar to my soul. Even if it's dark, It's a little bit light, For its glow is so strong. To its heights […]


tears fall down my facefor sadnessfor joyfor despairfor euphoriatears fall down my facefor the dayfor the nightfor the noonfor the dawntears for angertears for happinesstears for everythingtears for painI am […]


Look in the mirror, They say. What a monstrosity?!Unkempt. Unloved. Antisocial—Maybe you should have better vocals.I look in the mirror;I see beauty beyond compare. I have things I can work […]

Poem for the Soul II

I crave the warmth against me. I crave normality. I crave the release of pressure.I crave to be me. Stand up. Don't sit around and wait for life to happen. […]