light of life

Light of life, 
Come into my soul,
Bring me joy;
Fill my hole.

Light of life,
You are so bright.
You make smile;
I forget about the strife.

Light of life,
The bubblegum that overrides punk,
You complete me,
And so I write.

Light of life,
On this night,
I thank thee
For what is right.
You bring life,
You end strife.
You use a pen instead of a knife.


The night
Basks over my skin,
Bright and pulsing,
The nectar to my soul.
Even if it's dark,
It's a little bit light,
For its glow is so strong.

To its heights I long
For its protection.
O' great orb of white,
Protect me from the fears
Of the great dark.
I can only take so much,
So fill my soul
With light.

Black and white
Gray and brown
You fill the night
With color,
So you fill me.


tears fall down my face
for sadness
for joy
for despair
for euphoria

tears fall down my face
for the day
for the night
for the noon
for the dawn

tears for anger
tears for happiness
tears for everything
tears for pain

I am the water
I am my tears.


Look in the mirror, 
They say.
What a monstrosity?!
Maybe you should have better vocals.

I look in the mirror;
I see beauty beyond compare.
I have things I can work on, yes,
But don't we all? That's fair.

Conformity is bad if done to the max.
Be yourself, even if doesn't add.
No one can tell you what's the norm.
Everyone has beauty,
You just have to see.

Poem for the Soul II

I crave the warmth against me. 
I crave normality.
I crave the release of pressure.
I crave to be me.

Stand up.
Don't sit around and wait for life to happen.
Stand up.
Look around:
You're free.

I'm free.
Free to be me.
Free to see what I see.
Free to say what I say.
Free to do what I do.
Free to feel what I feel.
I'm free.
I'm free as can be.

I see the world like a project to change;
Idealist too much, maybe.
But that's okay.
I'm okay.