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Tag: poem


There’s a tide in your eyes, and several hundred reasons why I should simply say goodbye as I look into the tide in your eyes. But there’s in the tide […]


Light fades through the room, drones out the sound, uncertainty looms to the past to which we’re bound. I can’t feel your heart, but I know that it’s slow, unable […]

Bad News

Don’t bother to get too close. I won’t be your ideal host. I’m the fire, the burn, the ember, the spark, the flame, the smoke that’s making you nervous. You […]


Look at the stitches across my skin. Each is one a different pattern: The teddy bears of infancy and innocence; The bubbles of childhood and optimism; The clouds of adolescent […]


Where the water is dry, Where the fire is wet, A river of tears stream from my eyes. Where the sun is dark and gray, and the sky is mucky […]


When we fade into the darkness, who remembers us? Are we nothing more than the dust we return to when our time is up? I remember when I was young, […]


"Lose yourself in the art of selflessness," they say. Lose yourself in the art of forgetting yourself by dedicating your heart to the meek, the poor, the hungry, the homeless, […]


Her eyes are a festival of warm tears; her ears are a melody of cold fears,for the aria she once heard has turned black—black as a tire that has hit […]