• Deathchasers Preview
    During intermission, I searched the dressing room for Bakula and Ari. The heavy weight of my chest assured me I had seen Cronos. Sure, it was my destiny to bring peace to nature, but I couldn’t do it without these two. People and overlapping noise crowded the dressing room. They all scattered throughout the space,Continue reading “Deathchasers Preview”
  • Behind the Book: Deathchasers
    In the beginning, Deathchasers was basically a series written like the Warriors. I planned on having multiple volumes in the series. But that didn’t work out, so I combined the character Avalynne from fantasy novel of the same name. It was called Deathchasers: Avalynne. Unfortunately, I gave up on that too. The idea came backContinue reading “Behind the Book: Deathchasers”
  • Cover Reveal: Deathchasers
    Isn’t it beautiful? Prepare for more coming this weekend. Thank you Manya for making this cover. You’re a great cover artist. I love how it captures the dark essence of the story.
  • O Venus
    O Venus, As the somber drums echo my heavy feet During the plight of wilted roses To which gray fog lingers against my skin, I pray to you, O Venus, Let your red arrows strike Softer than lightning; Let the silky white doves fly High in the blue heavens.  O Venus,  I wither away fromContinue reading “O Venus”
  • fool
    So, maybe I’m a Queen of Hearts, destroying love with heavy darts. But who are you, o Fool that clings? Everything you do, it just stings. Or maybe you’re the King, And I’m just a puppet on a string. But I broke free, you saw me fly. You’re on one knee, but don’t dare try.Continue reading “fool”